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String Art DIY - Part 1

I've been eyeing some lovely string art projects on pinterest for the past few months and all I have been able to accomplish thusfar is pinning them to one of my diy boards. This is one of my favorites, and has been gaining a ton of new likes on Pinterest.

I finally got to try it out last weekend.I was commissioned by my cousin to make a monogram key holder and I knew this would be the perfect project for me to try out some string art.


The first thing I did was stain and wax a simple wooden plaque - purchased unfinished at Michaels Craft Stores.

Then I attached the hooks, this was the easy part. I purchased a small set of decorative hooks at Target because I could not find any at Home Depot that I liked. Shhh, don't tell anyone I didn't make that part!

Next, I printed out a monogram letter "e" and carefully cut it out. It is used as a guide to line up all the brads.

Then I just eyed the location of the nails and hammered away! I made some serious noise nailing, good thing I wasn't working on it in the middle of the night (as I often do).

Then for the fun part! I started adding the string (I actually used hemp for this project), wrapping it around all of the edges first. There are no instructions after that. Just go to town wrapping the string around all the nails, keeping it fairly tight.

100 Crafty Days, Day 49 String Art DIY

See final pics here.

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