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... and Welcome! Here you will find my design background, work experience, and what you can expect when working with me.

Kristen Spector Design | Freelance Graphic Designer, Meet Kristen, Graphic Design, Web Design, Logo Design
Kristen Spector

Owner + Designer

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Who am I:

I'm a passionate, highly trained, award winning artist and graphic designer with expertise in typography, package design and paper engineering. (What's paper engineering? Well, you take graphic design, add some engineering, and the result is dimensional print.)


I pride myself on not being intimidated to take on anything new. I learn quickly and work well independently. I'm obsessed with details and won't quit until I get things just right. My standards are high so I only present clients with exceptional work. I'm proud of my ability to take new ideas to the concept level and on to the finished product.


I'm a born designer, lover of print, craftaholic, and extreme re-purposer. Oh yeah, and a self-made amateur foodie in my spare time. I've tried just about everything artsy and especially love jewelry making, photography, painting, textiles, and pottery. I believe art is everywhere and my inspirations can (and do) come from anywhere. Don't forget to check out my blog for updates and projects.


What I love to do:
traveling // cooking paleo // all things artsy // restoring furniture // diy // photography // crocheting // calligraphy // chocolate // summer // ice cream // the beach


What I'm obsessed with:
french bulldogs // anchors // vanilla // wedding invitations // the beach // letterpress // mason jars // purple // good typography

Kristen Spector | Freelance Graphic Designer



Okay, here's the technical stuff...


I have experience in several facets of graphic design, including full service art and production services. I've worked as a member of artistic teams creating print solutions that utilize three-dimension, interaction and movement for direct mail, promotions, magazine inserts, sales aids, packaging and point of purchase. I was also an integral member of an art team that designed high impact campaigns and through these varied design experiences have become highly trained in concepting, design, brand development, paper engineering, pre-press, animation and photography.


In addition, I have extensive experience working with direct response marketing companies that allow clients to upload and create their own marketing collateral. My responsibilities have included work with marketing, animation and web design & maintenance.

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