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Brand Development for Kenwood Catering

This was such a fun project, I just have to share!

Corey Blake, executive chef and owner of Kenwood Catering, recently contacted me about creating a brand for her company. Her business is quickly growing, and in order to accomodate that she needed to have a website and a cohesive brand for her to effectively market herself both online and in print.

Corey and I attended school (jr high and high school) together, so we go way back, but I haven't lived anywhere near there in years. I was honored that she came to me with such a multi-faceted project... and a little nervous, there were a lot of components. We got to work quickly, and I know my love of food helped me nail this project from the start.

The logo design was first, and after a few quick back and forth emails, I had a clear idea of what Corey was imaging for her brand. She was so thorough when describing her ideas, and so easy to work with, it made my job a piece of cake.

We came up with a modern, illustrated design with beautiful script lettering. It was simple, but it fit perfectly, and she loved it!

Corey's quickly growing business made it necessay for her to open a storefront, and turns out it's going to be located in my hometown! The logo worked so perfectly as a sign that we didn't even need to make any adjustments.

Corey has truly led a culinary life, studying cooking in both Dublin and County Cork, Ireland, as well as Napa Valley, California. She is passionate about using local, organic products, and wanted to incorporate all of that visually in her website. We came up with a vibrant design that showcased beautiful photos of her dishes, local produce and menu items, while keeping it simple and easy to navigate. We were able to incorporate her extensive sample dishes into organized, seasonal menus that are easy to read and update when necessary. Please check out her delicious dishes>>

Next up was a business card, and, using imagery from the website, we were able to easily create a design that worked seamlessly from web to print.

Corey is incrediblbly artistic with her cuisine, and it carried over when working with her on this project. She was full of inventive ideas and understood the creative process, and that made communication with her almost effortless. I am so pleased with the turnout of this brand development project, and thanks to her we have something we can both be very proud of. Corey truly adds a personalized touch to the world of catering with her eclectic, elegant, ethereal cuisine, complete with customized tastings and personalized sample menus. If you are in the area, (Connecticut Shoreline) please inquire to see if she is available to cater your next special event, dinner party or wine tasting! View her website>>

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