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Dry Sink Gets A Makeover: Part 1

Wow, halfway there! I never thought I would stay with it this long, but it doesn't even seem like I could be a DAY 50 already. I have so many more projects up my sleeve, this second 50 should (hopefully) be a breeze.

There is only one issue with trying to post a craft every day is finding time in my crazy busy schedule to craft! It eats away at me sometimes, that I would rather be crafting, and not doing boring stuff, like work. Sometimes I find myself working in the garage through the night because it's the only time I have available for fun work.

With that being said, please excuse me while I play catchup.


Remember my awesome dry sink that I got from my gramps a while back? It moved around a lot in our house, but eventually found its way into the breakfast area in our kitchen. I think it is ready for a makeover with some Annie Sloan paint! This will be my first attempt at Chalk Paint, so no judging.

100 Crafty Days, Day 50 Dry Sink Makeover

Here is the dry sink cleaned up with mineral spirits, taped off and the handles removed. I left the hinges on, I think they will stand out too much if they don't get painted as well.

100 Crafty Days, Day 50 Dry Sink Makeover
100 Crafty Days, Day 50 Dry Sink Makeover

It's time for some chalk paint! There is no need to strip off the stain/varnish with this paint which is awesome because my dry sink is loaded up thick with polyurethane.

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