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Stool Makeover: Part 1

Goodbye Ugly Paint Job!

It's been a while. I promise I haven't forgotten about my crafty days. As crafty as I am (and I am super crafty) its' difficult to make time to post every day! I've got a full time job right now, I am a Paper Pilot, Creative at RedPaperPlane.com, (seriously, that is my job title) and I've been busy working on my personal website, as well as this blog, and on top of that I am slowing working on setting up an Etsy shop. Way to much on my plate, but it's what keeps me going ( and makes me crazy)


So this project is one of three currently (and slowly) going on in my garage right now.

Here are some pics of what my stool once looked like. It used to be my highchair, then my time out chair (lol) and then it was used at my desk in middle and highschool.

100 Crafty Days, Day 45 Stool Makeover

It's a sturdy metal stool (and too nice to get rid of), but it was spray-painted an ugly pale yellow before it ever got to me. I think it used to be my dads when he was a kid. Before that it was tan or something, and I think maybe a few other colors. There are lots of layers of paint that's for sure.

Anyway, I painted it (again) in middle school to look like a garden with flowers growing up the legs. I was pretty proud of it at the time, but its time for a change. Say good-bye to this paint job!

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