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DIY - Gilded Terracotta Pots

100 Crafty Days, Day 28 DIY Gilded Terracotta Pots

I was able to get away from crocheting for a bit to add a little flair to my deck garden.

I found this fantantiatically fun Pin on Pinterst about how to make gilded terracotta pots. I thought it was simple enough to recreate in an afternoon so I grabbed some Martha Stewart golf-leaf sheets at Michaels. The rest I aleady had. I followed the easy instructions at designsponge.com and created these one-of-a-kind terracotta pots.


  • terracotta pots

  • spray adhesive

  • gold-leaf sheets

  • small dry paintbrush

  • spray sealer

Directions (from DesignSponge.com)

1. Gently mist the terracotta pot with spray adhesive where you want to add the gold leaf. We chose to focus on either one side of the pot or the top edge of the container.

2. Place the gold leaf directly on the sprayed surface and carefully rub or pat the backside of the sheet onto the pot surface.

3. Pull back the waxed paper layer. Don’t worry if some of the leaf hasn’t fully adhered to the surface; you’ll be able to use the dry paintbrush to press down the leaf to help it adhere and brush away any pieces that don’t stick.

4. Once the gold leaf looks the way you want it, lightly dust the surface with the clear sealant to set the gold leaf, and voilà! You have your gilded pot ready to plant. If you already have potted plants to which you wish to add gold leaf, simply repeat steps 1–4, but be careful not to mist the plant with spray adhesive or sealant.

Also, if you have tears or negative gaps and wish to fill them, just put the gold-leaf foil back over the pot and add an additional layer.

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