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Growing Succulents

100 Crafty Day, Day 20 Growing Succulents

I like to pot, and repot and repot again, all my succulents. And as far as plants go, I think succulents are the most delicate. Just one little bump and you loose a leaf (or two). As you can see I am way too rough with my poor planties, but these little guys are quite resilient. When you knock off the leaves, just lay them on some moist soil and they will grow into new plants. Ok, maybe it's not quite that easy, but it is pretty idiot proof.

Here are some tips:

1. Make sure you wait a few days before putting the leaves on anyting moist. The end that got knocked off your plant is exposed and will need to heal over before you put them on anything moist.

2. Keep the soil moist at all times. With adult succulents, the watering schedule is once a week or so, but with propagating babies from these leaves they will need to be on moist soil all the time.

3. Don't get the leaves wet, try to just keep the soil wet. That way they won't get mushy.

4. Once you get some roots growing from them, just keep doing the same thing. Keep the soil moist.

5. Once you get some babies growing from them, just keep doing the same thing. Easy right?

6. Once the leaf shrivels up, it will usually fall off from the rest (the roots and the babies). If not, just gently knock it off. If it doesn't want to fall off, that ok, keep waiting.

7. When you have a little cluster of babies and roots, its ok to plant in soil. Keep it most for a bit until it grows a bit and can handle intermittent waterings.

Good Luck!

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