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Felted Wool Dryer Balls: Finished!

I have seen felted dryer balls all over the internet lately, but some of the DIYs I have come across are made using a ball of rolled yarn. Once felted, it isn't very pretty looking, and I have notice that they are often lop-sided. I came up with a solution, and I am pretty pleased with the result! Instead of justing using a balled up wad of yarn, why not cover it up with soomething a bit more pretty. I used an amigurumi style of crochet to make a sphere with no seams. It's a continuous pattern and once its completed you cannot see any beginning or end. (This is how hacky sacks are made).

So I crocheted this continuous amigurumi sphere AROUND the rolled ball of yarn, and it made a little pocket around it. Cute right?

Below is the photo of my wool dryer balls BEFORE felting.

To felt these babies,:

Pull the balls into a long sock or old pair of tights. Tie a knot in between each ball to keep the balls from felting together. Then wash in a washing machine on the highest setting possible two times in a row. I usually just throw them in with some towels or sheets so I am not wasting water. Then put them in the dryer and dry on the highest setting possible until completely dry. This usually takes me 2 cycles. Then you can take them out of the socks and see if they are felted to your liking. If not, just do the process again, until they are felted just the way you like.

You can also refelt your dryer balls every few months by repeating this process.

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to make your clothes smell yummy.

Now to use them:

Keep 3 or 4 balls in your dryer and dry your clothes in half the time! Seriously. And make your clothes smell great without all the harsh chemicals.

Below is the AFTER photo of my felted wool dryer balls.

100 Crafty Days, Day 19 Felted Wool Dryer Balls
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