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DIY - Resin Jewelry Tray / Catchall

How beautiful if that image? I know, right.

I've been wanting to play with resin for a while now, and after seeing what my cousin has been up to, decided to take a stab at it.

I've been saving up some of my favorite quotes on pinterest for a while now and didn't know what to do with them all. I thought this was a perfect oportunity to use one of them.

I am a bit of a nautical freak, and after settling on this quote:

"A Smooth Sea never made a Skilled Sailor",

decided to pair it with a nice watercolor background that looksed like the ocean.

So, with my awesome typography skills, I fancied up the quote a bit, printed it on regular printer paper, and cut it to size.


printed paper - cut to size

Mod Podge

package of resin


1. The trick with resin (I learned the hardway) is to completely cover both sides of your paper with Mod Podge throughouly and then let dry. If you do not cover each side of the paper, the resin will get on the paper and make a stain. The paper will look wet underneath all the resin and it won't every dry.

So coat one side of the paper with Mod Podge, let dry, and then coat side 2 and let dry.

2. Add a coat of Mod Podge to the bottom of your tray.

3. Place the paper in the tray and adjust until its centered. Press firmly to adhere. When that's completed, let dry again.

4. Follow the instructions on your resin packaging to make and pour the resin, each box is a little different.

5. Let Dry. This is the hardest part. You don't want to put anything on your tray too early or it will leave little marks in the resin as it drys. Wait the recommended amount of time and then test the resin in one corner by gently pressing your fingernail into it. If it leaves a little indent it's still wet underneath, even if the top feels dry to the touch.

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