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My First Post: Welcome to 100 Crafty Days!

This is my first blog post. Ever.

I read blogs, lots of them, about do-it-yourself projects, and art and design, and so so many blogs about food. I find reading blogs both relaxing and inspiring. It's nice to have a different perspective into fellow professionals lives, not just the business side. The real side. The behind the scenes side. The messy, unappologetic side that says "I don't care how rediculous I look (or sound, or seem), I enjoy [insert blog topic here] and I'm proud of it".

Now it's my turn to inspire (hopefully) some fellow artists to stay crafty. Who knows, maybe I'll even coax some people who think they don't have an artistic bone in their body to start a new hobby. (I'll let you in on a little secret, it's pretty easy. All you have to do is loose your fear of being wrong, and gain a willingless to look stupid! The rest will follow.)

After the #100happydays instagram craze I decided to make my own version. I will come up with - or at least attempt to - come up with 100 days of crafty ideas, or "#100craftydays." I started by adding daily photos of my crafts to Instagram with the hashtag 100daysofcraftiness. I was addicted. And it is so easy to come up with a new idea every day. I just check my Pinterest feed and there are at least 10 good crafts I want to try. It's a little more difficult to find the time to try them out, however!

Are you ready to see what happens when this artist trys out a new medium? Here we go!

#artisticendeavors #100craftydays #diy #craft